Are You Ready For This Traffic Challenge?


“Show people they matter by listening to them and paying attention to who they are — beyond the confines of their business.” - @TeaSilvestre

There are people out there who will tell you that ALL traffic matters. That ALL traffic gets you readers, subscribers and an income.

They’re wrong.

It won’t.

Traffic is only as good as the readers, subscribers and income it brings you.

Perhaps the best way to get more traffic is to ditch your niche.

That’s right:

Stop confining yourself to a box because sooner or later, you’re going to run out of air…

Ditch Your Niche

If you want to get more traffic, you need to ditch your niche in favour of looking for people; individuals who have a problem that you can help them solve.

Nothing is more soul-destroying than starting a blog with the desire, goal and dream of making a living doing what you want to do above all else and an income out of it that supports you …

Only to get zero response.

No traffic. No readers. No subscribers. No money. It’s horrible. And it results in more bloggers quitting than anything else.

Social Media Doesn’t Make Your Blog Relevant

How relevant is your blog to the people you want to be visiting it, reading it, subscribing to it and buying your products or service?

Social media can be an way easy of convincing yourself that you’re taking positive action to get traffic, readers, money, by building connections and promoting your blog.

It’s an illusion:

Social media cannot replace creating real meaningful, relevant content that actually gives people what they want and gives them the tools and steps that will get them to the results, outcomes and destinations they desire.

If your traffic and readership is stalling it’s a good bet that you’ve stopped being useful to your audience.

Traffic That Doesn’t Stay Is A Waste Of Time

Traffic that comes then goes away never to return wastes a lot of your time. Because you have to spend too much time finding this kind of traffic then persuading it to visit your blog.

Far better, and more astute thing to do is to go after traffic then keep it. That means you converting it.

Before you can make money through your blog you need to convert traffic into customers. It’s always nice to have a lot of traffic and a lot of guru-squad experts will have you believe that you need to keep getting traffic if you want to make money. It’s not always true.

Here are some people who’ve made money with only small traffic figures. Or by thinking more about their readers experience and results than their own …

If you’re not getting results you want and don’t know why, it can be really frustrating.

You can blame yourself. But it’s not your fault. If you’re not getting results and you’re working hard to get them, then it’s probably the tactics you’re using.

Sometimes Your Tools Are To Blame

These resources will turn your results around. And turn a lot of those crappy tools and tactics on their heads …

Are you ready to take your blog from invisible to popular?

It’s a challenge. But one that I know that you’re up to and ready to accept. Because you’re smarter than most bloggers out there. You’re smarter and you’ve got the guts to reach out for opportunities that come your way.

It’s time to stop being frustrated, to stop being disappointed, to stop feeling you’ve failed and that your dreams of changing lives and making something of your own that brings you recognition and rewards you deserve is just some silly delusional thinking.

Because it’s not, is it?

It’s a real-live desire and goal. Right?

You want to make this work for you and for all the people you know you can help and solve real problems for and bring in to your ideas, skills, know-how and creativity.

It’s Time To Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

It’s time to stop being broken down by the crap out there.

It’s time to stop forcing yourself to be “realistic” and face up to your “responsibilities” because, let’s face it, who’s realism and responsibilities are they talking about anyway?

Certainly not yours, right?

Because you know that with the right resources, the right advice, the right people by your side, that you can make it. That you can take what you have, or what you know about, or can share with others and turn it into real resources of your own that others can use and get results from too, right?

It’s Time

It’s your time. Your time to stop being invisible and to start finding popularity amongst the people who’s lives you can change, in however small or large a way.

It’s your time. And there a lot of good and generous people out there ready to help you and see you succeed.

And you can leave me a comment in the Comments section below to tell me how you want to start becoming popular and what resources are helping you get there.

Share your dreams and your goals here and let’s start helping each other find the resources and the know-how to make the difference they long to make, because …

It’s your time to start making the difference you’ve always wanted to make.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Let me know if you are…


  • Kimberly George

    Reply August 2, 2016

    Challenge Accepteddddd!

    • Tom

      Reply August 4, 2016

      Excellent! Glad to have you on board

  • Ben

    Reply August 9, 2016

    Hi Tom. I love your advice to ditch your niche. I gave that same advice to another blogger once and I think she thought I was crazy. If you’ve made your own prison, why not just tear it down?

    I haven’t paid much attention to the rules that others have decided to create. I started my blog to provide SEO support for my existing websites, and it has worked very well. Most of the blogs that I comment on, and all of the ones that I get reciprocal comments on, are outside of my niche. I enjoy getting the comments, so I don’t see any point in changing my focus to concentrate on other blogs in my niche.

    The way I see it, you can make all the rules you want. They’re you rules, not mine. Thanks for the breath of fresh air.

    • Tom

      Reply August 11, 2016

      Hi Ben,

      Yeah, it can seem a little off the wall for many people used to advice that Niche is everything. You’re right, it’s about doing what you like to do and reaching people ready to hear your message. I think people like the “indies” out there, people who do their own thing.

      It’s all about doing what works, right, for our audiences.

      Good to hear from you again, Ben. Cheers!

      - Tom

  • Robin Khokhar

    Reply August 15, 2016

    Hi Tom,
    You are right that traffic that doesn’t stay is a waste of time. And also it was amazing post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Reply September 28, 2016

    Hi Tom,

    The Ditch Your Niche advice is fabulous. Fabulous! I trashed a niche, brand, online cash flow streams and 3400 posts to create Blogging From Paradise. Just last week I was featured on Fox News and Entrepreneur and I’ve been seen on Richard Branson’s blog, Forbes and the Huffington Post already. As Ben said, tear down your prison. Ditch the niche, follow your passion and you really cannot go wrong on your blogging journey. Actually, you’ll go right! Really right.

    Thanks for sharing your inspirational post Tom.

    A kick in the blogging pants for people who need it


    • Tom

      Reply October 15, 2016

      Hi Ryan,

      Fantastic platforms to be featured on. How did you do it, any tips you can share? You are certainly prolific in your content creation. Glad you liked this Ditch Your Niche advice. It’s liberating in so many ways and clears your blog and business online for making real progress and getting results.

      Apologies for the delayed answer to your comment. It’s been a month of upheaval and poorly laptops needing tender care.

      Cheers Ryan, always good to have your contributions.

      - Tom

  • Mi Muba

    Reply November 28, 2016

    Hi Tom
    Very unique points about blog traffic you shared and I don’t why a famous proverb with a little change comes into my mind after reading it. BLOG TRAFFIC DOESN’T GROW ON TREES
    I love the point that says what’s the use of traffic that has nothing to do with your blog objectives. That is why it is must to be stick to your niche-related keywords.
    Many thanks for sharing this very thought-provoking post.
    Have a super successful week ahead.

    • Tom

      Reply November 28, 2016

      Hi Mi Muba,

      Great to have you stop by and add your thoughts. Yes, that proverb is relevant here. I’m glad you found this post useful and that it’s inspired some thoughts in you.

      Many thanks for taking time to comment.

      - Tom

  • Keri Vandongen

    Reply December 17, 2016

    You’re one of the most talented and empathetic bloggers in our blogosphere! You have a GIFT for writing content that resonates with readers.

    You’d be a perfect blogging biz coach and ‘cheerleader’, Tom who moves people past fears of leaving their comfort zone to their biz success goals.

    For 2017, I’ll be embarking on a challenge, thanks for you and a couple of marketing peers.
    It’s a way to connect and collaborate with influencers as well as my niche. Of course I’ll be adding value for both groups and encouraging them to do the same.
    Why? For my traffic / subscribers / customers / influence.


    • Tom

      Reply December 22, 2016

      Hi Keri,

      Thank-you. Your feedback and encouragement are powerful incentives to me to continue giving new and struggling bloggers the missing steps to really get their blogs working successfully.

      I’m going to be keeping on doing this, although I may be posting less as I’m also working on 3 fiction writing projects. And, planning a non-fiction book for struggling bloggers. 2017 will be an even busier year for me!

      Here’s to your success in 2017!



  • Peter Beckenham

    Reply December 22, 2016

    Hi Tom,

    Wow mate what a timely post and as always right on target.

    Challenge most definitely accepted!

    But more than that I am sharing this post with my list as there are many folks who are really struggling to “make the difference” you mentioned. Most are new bloggers and they will benefit greatly from your expertise and experience.

    I agree with you that traffic that does not keep coming back to your blog is a waste of time - even if they join your community email list, their level of engagement is often low.

    It’s just so important to be relevant to our readers and for the last 6 weeks, I have really tested that as my blogging activity was reduced to almost zero as I was completely restructuring my marketing strategy in preparation for 2017.

    Thanks as always for your awesome post Tom - I never fail to learn something from you.

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


    • Tom

      Reply December 22, 2016

      Hi Peter,

      Great to see you again and have you leave another of your spot on comments.

      I’ve noticed that you’ve been pretty prolific lately posting videos. Is that where you want to take your marketing? I think that’s going to be a good strategy for 2017. You’ve got a good start.

      Thank-you for sharing this post with your list. I appreciate your support in getting this message out there to new bloggers. They need to know the missing steps.

      Here’s to your success in 2017!



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