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I’m Tom Southern and I’m excited to have you here.

If you’re tired of getting frustrated with the fact that the lack traffic you’re getting means you can’t start making a doing the things you want to, then you’ve come to the right place.

Getting traffic sucks right now, doesn’t it?

What’s worse, is that none of the advice out there seems to work. Not for you, anyway. Sometimes, you feel like packing it all in and going off to do something else. But what?

You set your heart on making a difference to the world through your writing, your creativity, your knowledge and skills. So much so, it hurts. Right?

Not getting the traffic that turns into readers who join your blog’s community and sign up to your email list, is just rubbing salt into wounds. Right?

How the frig does this blogging lark work? You want to know, because everyone else seems to make it work and they’re all bragging about it on their blogs, twitter and facebook feeds and patting each other on the back.

Is there something you’re not getting? Is there something you’re missing?

The more you think about it, you more frustrated and disappointed you get. Right?

Hey, I know. I’ve felt the way you do too. I still do from time to time, if truth be told.

Talking of truth… You know what I’ve discovered (after having gone through the pain and shame of having 3 blogs fail)? There is something missing from all that advice out there. That’s the first thing I discovered when I set about finding out what really made those few successful bloggers out there, successful.

Secondly, it’s not your fault you’ve missed it and not discovered this earlier. You were only following advice from people who seemed to know what they were talking about. Right?

Not all of them do. But there are the few exceptions. You find them if you look hard enough, like I did. Good news is, you don’t have to look. you don’t have to wade through the mush to find them. Because I’ve found them for you. What they’ve taught me and continue to teach me, I want to pass on to you.

That’s right. I’m still learning the ropes. Still finding out what makes a blog successful enough to create that income that’s going to support your ideal lifestyle. You know, the one where you can leave the nagging, soul-sucking job behind and start living.

But I’ve learnt some things from the real successes out there. The ones who really are making money and making a difference while they’re at it. Those lessons can now be yours too, if you want them. You’ll also get my own strategies. I’ll share what I’m doing to get traffic, readers, subscribers, create that income that supports me in doing what I love: writing, helping you make a success of your hopes, dreams and talents, creating and loving life as it should be lived. You don’t have to live on the edge to live life to the full. Right?

Okay, so that’s what you’ll get when you become part of this Traffic Smart Marketing community. A community who’s smart about getting traffic so that it’s no longer a frustration.

Are you in?

Before you make your mind up for good and give me your name and email and become a member of this community, you might want to know if this is the right place to hang. No problem. I’m glad you want to take the time to find out. So, here’s what a few people have said about me…

“I would like to send out a major thank to Tom Southern, who is one of those people that found me and keeps coming back to remind me to keep going … So Tom, thank you. You fucking rock!!!”
- Mark Hermann, RockandRollZen.com

Btw, you can read Mark’s post from which these words come from here.

“Your writing is excellent.”
- Jon Morrow, BoostBlogTraffic.com, Guestblogging.com

“Tom: I know polished writing when I see it. This would make Caples, Makepeace, and Schwartz proud.”
- Shane Arthur, editor at Guestblogging.com.

These kind words matter only if you feel you’re getting something worth spending time here, reading this blog, learning how to make your blog work successfully, without all that friggin frustration around getting traffic in the first place. Right?

I’m with you there.

Are you willing to give it a shot?

Then, add your name and address in the box below, and let’s make this the start of frustration-free blogging, that works:

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