Getting Traffic Smart

by Tom Southern.

A Free, 6 lesson mini course by email, that gives you the steps to getting traffic most blog courses leave out. Ready to enrol now?

I’m Tom Southern and I want to help you finally get your blog working for you.

This is why I’ve created this Free Mini Email Course. Let me share the story of how I decided to create it and make it free…

In 2011 I started a blog. Within 3 months or so I had quit.

After this failure I bought courses about blogging to learn how blogging worked. I learnt all about search engine optimisation (SEO), keyword research, link-building, writing keyword-rich content - all the tactics people tell you to do if you want to get traffic.

Armed with this information I started another blog and waited for the traffic to come. And waited. And waited. I wrote and published content every day but no one read it.

Frustrated, I quit this blog too. But I wasn’t ready to give up altogether. I wanted to create my own independent income to support me live the life I wanted to, free of a job that was stressful, it was making me ill. I knew I had skills to offer people and blogging seemed the best way to offer these skills.

So, I invested in more training from experts who told me they knew how to get traffic, readers, subscribers and make money blogging.

And I started another blog.

The long and short of it is that this blog failed too.

I was almost ready to give up on blogging and gear myself up for the horrible thought that I would probably have to put up with my stressful job and never make it as an online entrepreneur. So I did. In mid 2012, I did give up.

But the pull of blogging wouldn’t leave me. I had to find out how and why there were some bloggers who were really making it online, and making it good too. I had to find out what it was that they were doing that was not included in any of the training I had bought from the so-called experts.

So, I decided to follow these real success stories online and watch what they were doing.

Then, I Discovered The Real Answer To Blogging Success

In January, 2015, I started this blog, My first post here got 37 comments and got shared by some influential bloggers. I got compliments from them and from readers too., this blog you’re reading now, is still growing successfully.

What’s made this blog succeed when my other 3 blogs failed?

What did I learn from watching the really successful bloggers and what am I doing differently that’s brought about this change in fortune?

Well, the answer is that I learnt that using SEO, keywords, link-building and all that stuff doesn’t work (certainly not in the beginning when you’re blog is new). In fact, these tired old tactics are almost a surefire way to fail.

I learnt from the real successful bloggers, the popular bloggers attracting huge audiences and making a real income online, that they don’t use tactics like SEO, not to get traffic in the way you’ve probably heard about up till now. Instead, they use TWO main strategies:

1. Building up friendships and relationships with bloggers already established and with more readers.

2. Writing content that appeals not only to readers but also to these already established bloggers that encourages them to share it with their readers.

That’s how they become successful online. That’s how I’m becoming successful online.

I don’t want to you to keep on failing and getting frustrated and disappointed with your lack of success online any longer.

I know what it’s like to work in crummy, stressful jobs, dreaming of breaking free and finally being able to create your own income without the chains of that job holding you in a place that’s slowly draining you.

I don’t want you to feel stuck, or a failure, like it’s your fault you can’t make your blog work because it’s not your fault. You’ve just been following advice that’s wrong because you wanted to learn and you thought you had found the right advice.

Think about how different your life would be if you could finally make your blog work (or start a blog knowing you could get results this time round).

What would this mean for you?

Well, now’s your chance to find out…

To get you started, I created this FREE mini email course: “GETTING TRAFFIC SMART”. This course is a 6 lesson course, delivered to you by email, over 6 days. This course starts you on your way to getting traffic the smart way because inside this course you’ll discover the steps most blog training leaves out. And, it’s FREE!

Why Is This Course Free?

It’s free because I really want you enrol because what you’ll learn inside this course is going to give you the groundwork that’ll make your blog successful.

To get traffic to your blog you have to get the right kind of traffic. To do this you need to be traffic smart. This free mini email course is all about helping you get traffic smart. Hence its name: “Getting Traffic Smart”.

It’s free because I want you to get results without having to lay any money on the ground.

I want you to enrol so that, as you’re getting these results, you’ll see that I get you to where you want to be as a blogger and so you’ll want to buy my products and services when they become available.

To be honest, as I was creating this course free, I did consider making it a paid-for course because of the information I was putting into it and the results you’ll get from it (if you work at it). But, I’ve decided to stick to my original plan and make it free because I know how important it is to get the basics in place first, to get traffic smart before you can actually start getting traffic coming to your blog.

One fact I’ve learnt as I’m growing this blog is that you don’t need a lot of traffic to start growing a successful blog or creating that income. You just need the right kind of traffic. And it’s this “right kind of traffic” that you’re going to be creating for yourself as you go through this course.

Who Is This Course NOT For?

This course is not for you if you want to learn about…

Search engine optimisation (SEO), keyword research, how to setup a blog, how to design your blog, how to setup social media accounts.

It’s not for you if you don’t have a self-hosted blog setup using

Who IS This Course For?

This course is for you if you want to learn how to really get traffic and turn this traffic into readers, subscribers and ultimately buyers.

This course is for you if you’re willing to learn about what it takes to get traffic and you’re willing to do the groundwork that goes into getting this traffic.

It’s for you if you’re willing to follow through each of the lessons, do the Homework assignments and really use what you learn inside this course to start getting traffic smart.

And it’s for you if you’re willing to put in 2 to 3 hours a week to completing this course, including Homework assignments.

And if you’re willing to keep on using what you learn inside this course for the life of your blog because it will keep on helping you get the traffic you want.

What’s In Store For You When You Enrol in this FREE Mini eMail Course”?

You’ll probably be coming to this course having gone through blog failure. Or you’re going through blog failure right now. And, because of this, you’re probably feeling frustrated, disappointed and let down by expert advice that turns out not to work.

Your confidence may be shot through. You probably have several questions burning away as you start this course. Is it going to be useful? Is it going to get you results at last? Is it going to be worth your time? Will it be something you can understand actually turn into real results? And so on.

An honest answer is that it does but you need to put in some work yourself. You need to read the lessons and do the homework assignments.

Like everything else you need to take action in order to get results. But I know this course works because it’s the route I took to start my current blog and that I’m still using to grow it.

There is no short-term success system to growing a successful blog. But the time you take to reach your goal depends on you, how much time you’ve got to spend putting into your blog’s growth and your own energy, determination and wishes.

This course, although it’s free, is intended to turn your experience of blogging from one of failure, frustration and let’s face it, probably a lot of cynicism about how useful or how accurate and honest advice and training for getting traffic is, into success you can actually see happening and believe in as you go through each lesson.

This course is not about the practical side of setting up a blog, what theme plug-ins you should use, and what social media you should use, how you should use it and it doesn’t take you through nitty-gritty of writing content, or how to design your blog. And there’s no how-to advice on researching the right keywords or optimising your blog for search engines.

This is a course about getting traffic smart. In other words, it’s a course that intends to get you started on the road to getting traffic in ways that will actually work for you. This is a course that gets you where you want to be with your blog by helping you lay the foundations on which to build and grow a successful blog.

What do I mean by a “successful blog”? I mean a blog that gets you traffic that converts into readers, subscribers to join your email list and who buy your product or service. And who remain loyal and also tell their friends how good you are and help you spread the word about how good you are.

This course gives you the steps that other courses leave out. So, with this in mind, I want to welcome you to the course and remind you that I’m just an email address away so you can email me any time help or feedback on your homework. Or simply to be there as you go through the course.

Thanks so much for reading this and I can’t wait to have your enrol now and to see you go through this course and get traffic smart so you can finally start a blog – or turn your current blog around.

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