Why Getting Traffic Feels Hard And How To Make It Simple


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Getting traffic to your blog shouldn’t feel hard.

But for you, it does.

This is no reflection on you.

You’ve been led to believe that simply by putting a few strategic keywords into your content, you can sit back and along comes the traffic you want.

That’s not what happens though, is it?

Okay, let me make one thing clear:

Getting traffic DOES take effort. It does.

But it shouldn’t feel like a struggle.

It shouldn’t frustrate you, or disappoint you into quitting before you’ve even go off the ground.

It shouldn’t make you feel like you and your skills, know-how, experience, your ideas, don’t matter. Or that no one cares about you.

Will This Actually Work?

I see so many people struggling to find out which one of the tactics they find experts telling them to use will actually work the way those experts tell them it will.

And the biggest hassle, frustration and struffle comes from being left wondering…

How to make those tactics work.

It seems everyone is big on WHAT. Sometimes even WHY. But not so big on HOW?

Honestly, If Getting Traffic Feels Like A Struggle It’s Because You’ve Missed Out These Vital Steps…

Almost 90% of the time, when people come to me asking how they can get traffic, or get more of the right traffic, or get more traffic to convert, I find that they:


  • Don’t know why people would find them relevant.
  • Don’t know WHO their market is (who their likely readers, subscribers and customers are).
  • Don’t have a clue what end result anyone visiting their site wants.


Getting traffic is so much more of a simple task, so much less frustrating, so much less disappointing, when you know the answers to these questions.

When you know WHAT makes your blog stand out, relevant, meaningful and useful. WHO it’ll stand out, be relevant, meaningful and useful to. And WHY? – what end result they want (and how you’re the best person to give it to them).

Forget SEO, Just Give People What They Want


“SEO is all but dead in my eyes. In fact, I’ve
never done any SEO on my blog in any shape
or form. All I’ve done is created content that
I know that my … readers will be interested in
hearing about.” – Chris Ducker



(and let them know you can give it to them).


Yes, there are influencers out there, popular bloggers, “traffic experts”, who’ll tell you that getting traffic is all about finding the right keywords, adding them to your content and then just waiting for search engines to send you traffic.


Truth bomb! They don’t always do what they teach.


I know. It shocked me too. Finding out that they use other ways to get traffic, different ways to those they often tell you to use, disappointed me. I felt let down.

That’s why I’m making it my goal to give you the steps they actually use because I’ve discovered what they are. And I created this blog, TrafficSmartMarketing.com to help you get smart about what you should be doing to get the traffic to your blog you want.

To do this I’ve created some really useful and revealing resources for you. And this resource is going to start you off on making traffic generation simple…

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