"Smart Bloggers know that getting their readers "great writer" vote is all about finding out what they want to know how to do, then writing content that tells them how to do it."

-Tom Southern,

Discover how smart bloggers get their readers "great writer" vote.

Why spend time writing content nobody reads?

The biggest reason why you're struggling to get traffic which turns into readers who can't wait to read, comment, share and tweet your content is that your content doesn't stand out.

It's just not relevant to them. They don't know why they should read it. So they don't.

If you didn't like a blog post would you read it?

Probably not. Because you wouldn't want to waste your time.

So many bloggers suffer from this response to their content. But you don't have to (any more).

Armed with these 6 Genius Questions Smart Bloggers Ask Their Readers you'll begin to start writing content people can't ignore because it gives them exactly what they want to read.

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